Texas State Legislators Voting Records for 2015 and 2017

Texas State Legislators Voting Records for 2015 and 2017

In our endeavor to make sure that we keep the citizens of Texas informed when engaging with their legislator and when voting, we have updated our Texas State Legislator Voting Record.

See how your Texas State Representative and Texas State Senator stands on cannabis law reform.

We will also be putting out a 2018 Voter Guide for both the primary and the general elections. You can view our older voter guides HERE.

The Special Session will be starting on July 18th, 2017. We are looking at germane options to work toward more patients freedoms as relates to the special agenda the Governor has assigned. It is a narrow path to walk but we will continue to work to leave nothing on the table. Currently one bill (HB 85) has been introduced. It is a limited medical cannabis program and it’s applicability to the agenda is questionable but we look forward to on any all options we can collaborate and/or create with our legislators.

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Don’t know who your legislator is? Find them HERE.

Want to learn how to be an effective advocate? Check out our educational information on engaging in all the stages of our 2 year process HERE.

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3 Responses to “Texas State Legislators Voting Records for 2015 and 2017”

  1. I’m confused, if 87 out of 150 votes were yes, why did the compassionate use bill not pass?

    • Are you talking about the CBD legislation from 2015 called the Texas Compassionate Use Program? It did pass and will start having meds for patients in the fall. But it is very limited. Or are you speaking of other legislation?

  2. Its the right for every person in Texas to be able to see a doctor whom can recommend medical cannabis. There is enough research now to justify a law. Last session we discovered that Texas Politicians were being courted by the Prison Unions, Big Pharma, Sheriffs Associations, Wine and Liquor Lobbyists, Beer Distributors. Maybe with all the tax benefits will finally be the tipping point. Texas State Senator Seliger sent out a survey on what topics should be brought up I wrote to the senator asking if he would support HB85. It is ultimately Governor Abbott’s call whether to include the bill. Everyone can see there legislators on facebook under Town Hall look yours up and drop them a note supporting HB85.

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