The 85th Legislature Closes

The 85th Legislature Closes

Our elected representative failed to improve the laws in Texas but impressive progress was still made!

photo credit: Rep Jason Isaac

Medical Cannabis had an powerful hearing that created a surge of support for the bill with the 5 original authors being joined by 72 more in just 36 hours! 28 of these authors were Republicans and included 3 of the 4 doctors that serve in the House. With pressure being applied by the community and the legislature, the bill was voted out of committee, a first for Texas! Tragically, the bill stalled at the deadline and did not advance. However, this historic progress and support ensures that medical cannabis will become a significant campaign issue moving forward. 

HB 81 Press Conference

Decriminalization was scheduled to be heard on the house floor for the first time! While it did not get voted on in time, this is a big step in preparing for the interim and upcoming 86th Legislature.
To accomplish this, citizens across Texas mobilized by creating tens of thousands of email regarding these bills as well as calling their legislators and visiting their offices. Citizens also participated in our lobby day, where hundreds went to visit their legislators. We also had focused patient and veteran lobby days. Many also took the time to come to our several hearings during the session. Thank you so much for your dedication! 

Lobby Day 2017

Medical Education Exhibit

We prepared for this session by hosting training programs across Texas, putting out our annual voter guide and maintaining media focus on the issue. During the session, we executed press conferences, educational exhibits and legislative briefings with our location partners.

Now we are preparing for the interim, the upcoming primary and convention cycle as well as elections. We have made huge strides this session and we must continue to build upon our momentum. We are glad to have you with us in our mission!
To join us in getting ready for the next phase of our mission, please review our Activist Training Guides and our Texas Marijuana Policy – Legislator Voting Record.

4 thoughts on “The 85th Legislature Closes


Is there an opportunity to add medicinal during the upcoming special session?


    Unfortunately, our topic was not added to the agenda that the Governor set so we will not be specifically addressed.


Is there a mechanism to add as a “rider” to the agenda? Should we be pushing our legislators?


    You have to first locate an agenda item that can be deemed germane to the topic of cannabis law reform. Work is being done to see if this can be found but it appears very unlikely. Our allies in the legislature will continue to try where they can but it is very much a hail mary at this time.

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