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HB 81 – Deleterious Actions Hurt Texas


Fellow Texans,

It is with immense frustration that I write you to tell you that HB 81 was not heard by the deadline of midnight on Thursday, May 11th. Due to deleterious actions of legislators in regards to other bills, the agenda did not advance to our bills position. This is a travesty. However, Chair Moody has promised to continue to work to get it added as amendments to bills as the session continues.

Take comfort that our efforts were outstanding, history was made and we are more unified than ever to come back in 2019. With our tactical wins this session, we will continue to build momentum.

In the next few days, we will have a break down for you on the achievements of each bill and future plans. Once the session fully ends, the cycle will start again and we must be ever ready! Expect more to come. We have been catalyzed into a stronger, smarter force.

Please take a moment to donate toward our upcoming strategyJoin Texas NORML and be part of history with us!

We also invite you to join us this Saturday, May 13th at the Texas State Capitol for our 10th Annual Texas Marijuana March, where we will redress our grievances against our government in regard to cannabis laws.

Jax Finkel

Executive Director

The problem is the law, not the plant.

5 thoughts on “HB 81 – Deleterious Actions Hurt Texas

Terry Ratliff

Time for me to move to a state that cares about its people. I fought for this country and this is the thank you I get. So many family’s need this medicine but Texas doesnt care. Sad this people only care about themselves. For this I must do whats best for my family. The time out to recognize people in the galley. And sing happy birthday are you joking. For all the families that could have benefited from this keep up the good fight hopefully your loved one will be able to get the medicine they need. This hurts my heart. But for me and my family we can no longer wait for Texas to caught up with the rest of the country.

Anne Fleisig

Why do you have to wait till 2019?


2019? I’ll be dead by then. That seals it. I’m off to be a medical refugee.

Screw Texas and the dictatorial stiffs.

Are Gee

I must fully agree with Mr. Tatliff on this matter. As a Texan, I was ashamed of what I witnessed as I sat down to watch my very first streaming, live broadcast of any session. Rampant ego and absolute tom-foolery ruled the evening, sucking up precious time in which legitimate legislation could have been heard on the floor. I literally cringed watching some of these people clambering around to get their moment in the spotlight. It was one of the most unproductive and arbitrary processes I have ever seen. All I could think the entire time is that they seemed to be a group of overgrown children that needed a good sorting out from Mom. When will we, the true representatives of Texas, stand up and sort these folks out?


They are killing us. Legitimate pain patients are suffering, having been ripped off their pain meds because of abusers and fear mongering and they won’t allow us any recourse. We’re being treated like criminals and mental cases, when I GUARANTEE it will come out sooner or later that we have been abused, used, and experimented on by the very medical/pharmaceutical empire we trusted to help us with their bogus treatments and horrible medications that caused our disEASE in the first place (not to mention what’s in the food!)! WHEN will they ALLOW us to use an ALL-NATURAL, SAFE, EFFECTIVE, NO SIDE-EFFECTS, NON-ADDICTING method of pain relief in cannabis???!? It works every time. It kills nobody! What’s the point here?
They sent us off to the gulf wars and we came back with and to chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, severe anxiety and depression, just to name some things, and we have no legal way to assuage these pains. They drive us to abuse alcohol or other dangerous illicit drugs. They ordered doctors to stop helping us. They call us crazy, treat us like hypochondriacs.
Wtf Texas?
I was born and raised in Texas. I’m sure they’ll be nothing but happy when I can’t take it anymore.
Those of you who are able, PLEASE keep pushing. Please help us.

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