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PTSD and Medical Marijuana Seminar Recap

TxN_web_slider_vets_missionTexas NORML is proud to have sponsored a PTSD and Medical Marijuana seminar in the Fort Hood community.

We had over 100 attendees, most of them veterans and family members of veterans. Our guest speaker, Dr. Neeraj Shah of Seton Medical Center, discussed the clinical aspects of why cannabis is effective for PTSD. Heather Fazio, Texas Director of the Marijuana Policy Project, discussed our current bills in the Texas legislature to reform marijuana laws. Jax Finkel, our Deputy Director, told attendees how they can take action to support these bills. We signed up new members, educated citizens about medical cannabis and received very positive media coverage. We would like to thank our Texas NORML board members and volunteers who helped make this event possible. Texas NORML is proud to support our veterans! Thank you for your service.

The seminar will start right after the 10 minute mark. Various documents are referenced during the event. We’ve attached the Activist Training Guide, Texas Legislative Education Packet, and VHA Directive 2011-004 below. We’ll post additional material as it becomes available.

TexasNORML Activist Training Guide – A Guide to the 2015 Legislative Session

Texas Legislative Education Packet

VHA Directive 2011-004

ptsd_vet_conference_2015Dr. Neeraj B. Shah, M.D., Seton Medical Center spoke about PTSD and Medical Marijuana. His portion starts at 19 minutes.

Heather Fazio, Texas Political Director, Marijuana Policy Project spoke about Marijuana Legislation for the 2015 Texas Legislative Session. Her portion starts at 52 minutes.

Jax Finkel, Deputy Director, Texas NORML spoke about Grassroots Activism and why it is so important now. Her portion starts at 1 hour 8 minutes.ptsd_vet_conf_panel_2015

Destiny Young, Membership Director, Texas NORML spoke about why your Texas NORML Memberships are so important. Her portion starts at 1 hour 43 minutes. Become a member here –

Tristan Tucker, Veteran, U.S. Navy spoke about PTSD Issues for Texas Veterans. His portion starts at 2 hours and 12 minutes.

Malachi Muncy, Veteran, U.S. Army spoke about Veterans’ Activism. His portion starts at 2 hours and 34 minutes.ptsd_vet_conf_crowd

The Question and Answer Panel starts at 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Major David E. Bass, U.S. Army, Retired – Director of Veterans Outreach, Texas NORML served as the organizer and MC of the event.

Approximately 120 people attended this event, at times it was standing room only.

We hope you will join us in the movement to reform marijuana laws in Texas. Please join Texas NORML and support our fight for justice in Texas.

Texas NORML appreciates our veterans and your service to our country!

You can find media coverage of the event here –…/texas-veterans-show-support-for-treati…/…/article_53318d5c-b00a-11e4-ad59-837e0b…

9 thoughts on “PTSD and Medical Marijuana Seminar Recap

Jay Lee

I am very interested to see where this leads and I hope that anything that can help those who struggle with PTSD can be accepted and legal.

I think it is important the potential use of marijuana as an adjunct to treatment for PTSD involves more than getting high. Veterans and others with PTSD should be involved in a comprehensive program with proper supports, including CBT, that has shown to effective. MJ should not be a crutch or a means of escape but should be used to facilitate health.



so proud of y’all


Melody Marshall

I am very proud of y’all and need this for my seizures.


Darren Curry

I am a disabled vet. I use marijuana for PTSD , trimmers and it helps me sleep.


Glenn Adair

I have been rated 100 percent service connected PTSD and have admitted using cannabis for the benefit to calm my overactive thinking, relieving anxiety, and managing chronic pain better. I’m not a frequent user nor have I abused cannabis to get “stoned.” Thank you for supporting us veterans. When things get really tough, I resort to Plan “C” when plans A and B aren’t effective enough.



Texas …. get with it. Cannabis does help with PTSD. Our veterans are so deserving of this to help relieve there PTSD….. After all they are suffering from PTSD because they fought and put their lives on the line to fight for (YOU) for everyone of us. We owe this to them and so much more. My son had to move to Colorado for his PTSD . I miss him so, however his daily life is now much easier for him. God bless our veterans



I’m not a veteran but I have PTSD. I used to smoke daily and never needed any meds. Now however, I have a job that does drug tests so I can no longer partake. Now, I take meds for migraines, insomnia, anxiety, depression & narcolepsy. Argh!! Texas needs to get with it!! These pills are more dangerous than Marijuana. And, the ridiculous argument that Marijuana is a gateway drug is unfounded. While it is illegal you buy it from people who sell harder drugs which are more profitable and addictive; no brainer!



I have essential tremors. My husband used to but my marijuana for me. He just died of cancer. I am now a single mother and can’t afford to get caught buying, beside the fact that I don’t know who to but from. Now my essential tremors are back. Its hard to get my foot on the gas pedal and brake pedal. I can’t work because of this and disability doesn’t pay enough to take care of my daughter. I’m screwed because I can’t find or buy marijuana for my tremors.


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