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Citizen Lobby Day Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Texans of all political persuasions agree: It’s time for marijuana law reform!

With our lawmakers meeting for only 140 every two years, we have a lot of work to do in a short period of time. Your participation is critical to changing laws relating to marijuana in Texas!
Citizen Lobby Day is a participatory event where we, the people, fully engage our legislators and their staff at the Texas Capitol. We will focus on both our Civil Penalties bill which reduces penalties associated with the possession personal amounts of marijuana (? 1 oz.) and our medical marijuana bill which will bring safe and legal access to seriously ill patients. Pre-Registration is STRONGLY encouraged, please do so here.

All materials will be provided and we’ll start our day with training for those who have never visited with their legislators. We will break up into lobby teams and collectively we will visit with every legislative office in the Capitol! Please be sure to dress professionally. (You can consider the standard to be how you would dress for a job interview.)

HOST: Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy
DATE: Wednesday, February 18th
TIME: 10am-3pm
LOCATION: Texas State Capitol, Robert E. Johnson Conference Center
DRESS: Professional

10am – Registration/Check-in
11am – Training
12pm – Lunch (Capitol Grill, Level E1 –or- bring your own lunch)
1pm – Lobby Action!
3:30pm – Social at Scholz Garten (1607 San Jacinto)

Click for Parking information and a map of where we will be.

Texas-Supports-Legalization-58Our broad coalition and united efforts will bring about more responsible marijuana policies in the Lone Star State.

Will you join us for Lobby Day?

Register today! And join here to stay tuned for updates.

Your Texas NORML Team

4 thoughts on “Citizen Lobby Day Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

James Stockton

This is our chance to make texas better. Collect taxes. And help the sick. I have PTAs.and chronic pain.and would love not to have to worry about getting my pain medication cut off cold turkey because I urinated positive for thc. It’s not nice to punish the sick.just for trying to relieve pain and past events in there lives.thank you to all at mpp and norml for all there efforts. Sincerly we the people of more cutting off sick people because of positive urine for thc. OxyContin is a terrible drug to be cut cold turkey from.and would trade it for medical marijuana.


James, it’s not even about those who have chronic pain. It’s about the fact that we, as human beings, should be allowed to decide what is good for us and what isn’t. If alcohol is legal, marijuana should be also. In fact, in a perfect world, alcohol would be outlawed and everyone would smoke weed instead.

Jesus Balderrama

I would smoke some mariguana any day instead of alcohol ,cigarette or any kind of pain medication or to help control my diabetes any day but I don’t because it illegal. My eyesight is also suffering because I have to depend on pharmaceutical drugs that hurt more than what it helps.


I have been suffering from chronic migranes since the age of 13. Nothing out there has helped me with my headaches. They are so bad that they weaken me and make it impossible for me to do anything. I have consumed countless amounts of advil Tylenol exedrine a level you name it nothing worked. When I was in high school I was going through a very bad period, the migranes where horrible. They were so bad I’d puke and start seeing little lights everywhere, I’m ashamed to admit that the thought of blowing my head off crossed my mind once or twice. then I found marijuana, there’s nothing else like it, the relief is almost immidiate, eventually I had to give it up so that I could work and make a living. I was a firefighter for 7 years and let me tell you I saw more acts of phycosis and people being killed due to the effects of alcohol. The migranes came back full force not as constant, but only because I have changed my life to an organic lifestyle. We need to stop feeding our bodies chimicals, and revert to the things God put here for us.

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