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Recap: 5 Day Activist Challenge

by Jax

Are you a Cannabis Activist?

Last week, nearly 450 Texans did what it takes to get on the court for cannabis activism. You’ve been an advocate for the issue of Cannabis Law Reform, sure, but maybe not where your efforts could really matter. So we covered the first steps you need to take to effectively engage. Each day covered a different topic:

Day 1: Are you certain of your voting status and what to do if you are disenfranchised? (Review Day 1’s action.)

Day 2: Do you know who you elected (or who was elected for you), and their exact stance on cannabis? (Review Day 2’s action.)

Day 3: Have you ever called your legislator to learn what their main concerns are? Or how they need you to support them in their efforts to advance marijuana law reform? (Review Day 3’s action.)

Day 4: Can you craft a reply that addresses what they really said, and not just your assumptions? (Review Day 4’s action.)

Day 5: Have you ever considered being a force multiplier by holding meaningful cannabis conversations? (Review Day 5’s action.)

If you answered yes to all the above, congratulations! You are truly participating in changing Texas. If you answered no on any of them, don’t worry – this post will get you through all of it! You can also watch our tutorial videos to see a Texas NORML Board Member complete  each day’s action and give some colorful tips about the process!

You know what you want – legal, safe access to cannabis for Texans. You know how Texas works – you have to make sure your legislative representatives take your message forward for you. There are no petitions here. Only the legislature. We must learn to bring the fight to them.

I’m including below all the emails from each day of our Activist Challenge, so that you can get what you need to make your voice heard at the capitol.

The most important bit, however, is this:

We are in conversation now. You and me. I am the Membership Director of this organization which is a tool, a guide, and a focus for your power on this issue. Together, with this infrastructure and purpose, we can shift Texas to a sensible cannabis policy that benefits us all.

Tell me what you need to keep going. My email is [email protected] Let’s build momentum during this lege break, and be so strong and on message in 2021 that we change the world for every single Texan.

We can do this together. Let’s grow into something truly powerful. Join now.


Les Weiler
Membership Director, Texas NORML
[email protected]

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