2017 Legislative Session is Starting

2017 Legislative Session is Starting

What Is Coming Up In January?

With several bills for penalty reduction and medical cannabis having been pre-filed, we expect an exciting start to 2017!

We will start the year with our Open Monthly Meeting on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 at 8pm. We hope you will join us for a recap of 2016 and a look ahead into 2017.

If you want to help volunteer at Texas NORML’s events and during our educational and lobbying efforts, you can participate in our Volunteer Training Days. We will be holding one on Saturday, January 7th at 10:30am and Wednesday, January 11th at 11:30am.

The 2017 Legislative Session will also be starting on January 10th. So we are continuing our Direct Actions at the Capitol the following day – Wednesday, January 11th. We will be delivering educational flyers to legislator’s offices.

We will also be holding our Annual 2017 Capitol Advocacy Training on Saturday, January 14th. This training event is designed to help you become an effective advocate for marijuana law reform in Texas and to prepare you to lobby effectively for our bills during the Legislative Session. This training event will offer you the tools you need to make effective arguments, dispel common myths, confidently communicate with your legislators, and positively affect policy during the upcoming legislative session.

We anticipate an exciting and fast paced Legislative Session so stay tuned for more updates!

Please support the important work we are doing in Texas by supporting our lobbying efforts, making a donation or becoming a Texas NORML member.


6 thoughts on “2017 Legislative Session is Starting

Kate Morgan

I love this site. Very professional and up to date facts on the Cannabis movement in Texas. Thank you Jax for all that you do. #SB269


    Thank you, Kate! We appreciate your activism.

Bruce Huff

Thank you for your continued support of good medicine.


    It is our pleasure and duty.

Rhonda McNeal

I moved from Oregon I have a Active OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) how do I transfer to Texas?
Thank You
Rhonda McNeal


    The Texas Compassionate Use Program is slated to start in June of 2017. It will provide CBD oil to those patients with intractable epilepsy only. There is currently no way to transfer your card. Once the DPS finalizes the regulations, if you are approved by the program, you can apply or transfer.

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