Current List of Pre-Filed Bills and Joint Resolutions

Current List of Pre-Filed Bills and Joint Resolutions

What is a Joint Resolution?

What can YOU do? 


Pre-Filed Bills and Joint Resolutions 

HB81/SB170 – Civil Penalty – takes possession of 1 ounce of marijuana or less out of the criminal realm and turn it into a civil offense by eliminating the arrest, jail time, and criminal record associated with low-level marijuana possession. Participate in our Action Alert!

SB 269 / HB 2107– Medical Cannabis Inclusion – will allow for comprehensive, whole plant medical cannabis access for all patients with debilitating conditions. Participate in our Action Alert!

HB 2200 – Affirmative Defense – would allow for medical defense to be used in court for patients and caregivers while also protecting doctors who choose to discuss cannabis with their patients. Participate in our Action Alert!

HB82 – Reclassify (B to C) 1 Ounce or Less –  aims to classify a conviction for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana as a Class C misdemeanor instead of Class B. However, if a person is convicted three times, it would revert back to a Class B misdemeanor.
HB 680 – Reclassify (B to C) 0.35 Ounces or Less – aims to classify a conviction for possession of 0.35 ounces or less of marijuana as a Class C misdemeanor instead of Class B,
HB58 – Marijuana Possession Court – would create a specialty court for certain first-time marijuana possession offenders based on the principle that first-time defendants are often self-correcting.
HB 780 – Zoning Regarding Texas Compassionate Use Program – would prevent localities from adopting zoning ordinances regarding cultivation, production, dispensing or possessing high CBD / low THC cannabis that would have the same effects as prohibiting it in the area.
HB3587 – Industrial Hemp – related to the growing, processing and selling of industrial hemp

SJR17 / HJR 46– Voter Initiative Allowance (Retail) – would allow voters to decide whether marijuana should be legalized in Texas. (see below to learn more about what a Joint Resolution is.)
SJR 18 – Voter Initiative Allowance (Medical) – would allow voters to decide whether to legalize marijuana for medical use if recommended by a health care provider. (see below to learn more about what a Joint Resolution is.)
What is a Joint Resolution (SJR/HJR)? 
Joint resolutions are used to propose amendments to the Texas Constitution and requires a vote of two-thirds of the total membership of each chamber for adoption. A joint resolution takes the same course through both chambers as a bill and is like a bill in all respects, except that, in the house, if it receives the required number of votes at any reading after the first reading, the resolution is passed. Three readings are required to pass a joint resolution in the senate. Joint resolutions passed by the legislature are not submitted to the governor for signing but are filed directly with the Office of the Secretary of State (SOS). The SOS conducts a drawing to determine the order in which the proposed constitutional amendments will appear on the ballot. It is then put on the ballot for the citizens of Texas to vote on in the General Election.
Therefore, a Joint Resolution has a much higher barrier than a bill to reach before being enacted.   

What can YOU do?

Please take action now! Take a moment to write your legislators and ask them to support this important legislation by becoming a Co-Author to the bill. 
Not sure who represents you? Find out here. You can also fill out our Activist Information Form so that we can send you targeted alerts during the 2017 Legislative Session.
Please support the important work we are doing in Texas by becoming a sustaining donormaking a donation or becoming a Texas NORML member.

5 Responses to “Current List of Pre-Filed Bills and Joint Resolutions”

  1. So this is my story I tried cbd and was dumb enough to tell a pain mngmt clinic and now I have lots pain and no help! I am totally mind boggled at what to do I was told they r not allowed to test for it but when I told him he pretty much booted me! I have Arthritis and fiber myalgia and scared to be honest now with any dr. Which has never been the case but everything I told him he turned around to me being suicidial and depressed so he said oh I can’t help you!! But that was not what was said! I told him that I feel desperate to find a relief and it makes me understand people that do end their life but not that I wanted to! And waking up hurting daily is depressing to anyone and everyone else around! I have a ton to live for and just want help! Anyone who has been in chronic pain knows that desperate feeling when you roll over in bed and darn it can’t get up! I am young and this is so scary to me I dont want to be an addict just want help and dont get why that is so hard to see? Why would you be a dr if you don’t help cause you are afraid? To me all these feelings are normal I would be more worried if someone didn’t feel all these emotions! I am so upset and confused first by my body that doesn’t co-operate and second by a system that doesn’t help! So what can we do to to help get this bill passed? Thanks Tammie

  2. Find another doctor clean up your act and don’t do anything with marijuana again and then have that Dr. put you into pain management if I needed

  3. I too Tammie,am I same boat.Ive been on opioids for past 6 yrs for chronic pain from neurocladation spinal stenosis,and once I mentioned to my VA Dr, I’ve tried medical marijuana from a nother state with great success,he has taken away my meds,witch is great except it’s a true burden getting it and I can’t go with out something for my pain.So untill they fix the current laws it’s damn if you do and damn if you don’t.

  4. Dustin Arterburn February 17, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    Yes to house bill eighty one!!!!

  5. Aside from the medical benefits to those with certain ailments, marijuana’s healing properties also work in a preventative way as well. Just like the recommended glass of red wine for the heart. The states that have completely legalized it not only as medicine, but for recreational use as well have seen a HUGE increase in tax revenue. Not to mention any time a new industry emerges, along comes jobs, communities, and growth all around. Complete legalization is win-win for all classes, races, and kinds of people. It is also asinine that marijuana is being separated from industrial hemp for production of various products. There is absolutely NO reason why after harvesting buds from a smokeable, high THC variety, the stems and sticks, and leftovers should not or could not be used in the same industrial fashion.

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