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Texas NORML Senior Alliance Presents: “Choosing Wisely – Strain Choices For Relief”

Texas NORML Senior Alliance Presents

“Choosing Wisely – Strain Choices For Relief”

TX NORML Senior Alliance is pleased to present “Choosing Wisely – Strain Choices For Relief” featuring our guest speaker, veteran, fellow activist, and lawyer, Ian Benouis. Ian has an incredible (mental) data base of cannabis information. One of the things Ian will touch on is choosing the right strain for the best results for treating a condition. Ian not only can explain the scientific approach, he can also offer practical information for those seeking information on why which strain works best for what condition. Ian is a scientific kind of guy and can break down the most complicated information to a level where even I can understand it!

Ian has helped tens of veteran’s with their quest for a better understanding of cannabis use and beyond. He is published, acts as a credible resource on cannabis issues and is a political activist in the cannabis realm – both nationally and locally. Ian is part of a number of non-profit organizations dedicated to healing veterans who have PTSD with cannabis.
Please join us on October 21 at the North Village (branch) Library, 2505 Steck Avenue, Austin, TX. The doors will open at 10:30am and we’ll get going by 10:45am. The meeting is scheduled to go to 12:30, but we have the room until 1:00 in the event we run over with a question and answer session. We’ve added Door Prizes!! Come, have your questions answered and bring your lucky charm!!

Visit the Official Event page for updates.

3 thoughts on “Texas NORML Senior Alliance Presents: “Choosing Wisely – Strain Choices For Relief”

Alisha Corley

Texas needs to legalize so I will be a law abiding citizen. I would love to know which strain helps with my mental issues.


I second that! I wish the old farts would hurry and get out so this can happen already! Can’t wait to vote next election!! ✌️✊ I know having good medical marijuana with or without THC can help me. But I prefer both for physical & mental reasons.


Everyone should have the freedom to grow a few plants for their own consumption. Given how much money there is to be made in the cannabis business, I’m surprised that Republicans haven’t legalized it already.

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