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DAY 5: Cannabis Conversations

Welcome to Day 5 of your 5-day Activist Challenge!

You’ve done a lot this week! On Monday, you were a frustrated supporter of the cannabis cause. Maybe you felt disconnected from your government. Now, you know you can vote, who represents you, if they align with your desire to end cannabis prohibition for Texas, and responded to their concerns.

Today, we’ll pick two people from your life who don’t actively speak about, partake in, or support the cannabis movement in Texas. Then, we’ll tell them the steps you’ve taken to actively engage with your government on this issue.

Watch our tutorial video to see a Texas NORML Board Member complete today’s action and give some colorful tips about the process!


How do you begin a cannabis conversation? Sometimes, it’s easy. You’re talking to someone you know supports you on this issue, and the subject just comes up.

But often, we’re talking to the voters we need on our side. We’re faced with an opportunity to expand the movement, and instead we choose to stay hidden in our support for cannabis. To get past this fear, you’ll need to remember the reason you support in the first place.

Maybe it’s compassion for the victims of draconian punishments for simple possession. Tens of thousands of Texans every year see their lives ruined over possession of something that’s legal and prescribed in dozens of states.

Maybe it’s because you see patients in Texas denied access to a treatment option they can get by crossing any Texas border.

Maybe it’s because you see benefit in your ability to manage stress and pain in your own life when you have access to cannabis.

Whatever motivates you to support this cause, focus on it and share it with the people in your life. At the heart of it all, that’s activism.

Once you’ve had your conversations, post how they went on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #texasvotescannabis!

You can talk about cannabis in your everyday life. In fact, we’re all going to HAVE to talk about this issue until the prohibitionist scare-tactics are completely gone from the subject, and Texas can make policy about cannabis based on facts, not fear.

Join Texas NORML today to do exactly that!

You are an activist.
You know who reps you, and whether they agree with you.
You’ve know you can simply call up their offices, write them letters, and more.

So what’s next? A change for Texas.

You can go to the capitol for Lobby Days and tell your story in person. You can learn how to improve your local prohibition enforcement policies until we can change state law. You can engage your friends and family in the fight to end prohibition, so that when the legislature meets next session, there is no doubt that Texas will legalize.

We’ll be there with you. Join us.

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