April 6, 2009

HB 902 Scheduled for Public Hearing on April 8th

HB 902, the decriminalization bill introduced by Rep. Dutton, has been scheduled for a hearing this Wednesday, April 8th. If you are interested in sharing your […]
March 30, 2009

Today is a good day to contact your State Rep.

Hello all, Thanks for your continued support of Texas NORML. Without the support of folks like you, we might not be making so much progress in […]
March 17, 2009

High Times “Doobie Awards” in Austin 3/21/09

Hello Cannabis Crusaders, Once again, High Times will bring their “Doobie Awards” to Austin, the live music capitol of the world. The Awards will take place […]
March 14, 2009

HB 902, A Bill Seeking to Decriminalize Possession Up to 1oz in Texas

HB 902 (http://www.legis.state.tx.us/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=81R&Bill=HB902), a bill to decriminalize minor possession of marijuana (up to 1oz), was introduced into the Texas House of Representatives by Rep. Harold Dutton […]
February 27, 2009

HIGH TIMES Book Signing March 14th

Ever wonder how often to change your bongwater? The most effective method for baking potent pot brownies? How to deal with your dealer? The best destinations […]
February 23, 2009

HB-164 Assigned to Public Health Committee

Hello cannabis consumer, If you’ve been paying much attention, you know that HB 164 is a very exciting new bill that will provide much needed legal […]