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Candidate Forum: Marijuana Policy – Texas NORML

Candidate Forum: Marijuana Policy 

Hosted by Texas NORML

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Doors Open at 7pm
Event Starts at 7:30pm

Located at Flamingo Cantina (515 East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701)

We have invited candidates running for Texas State House of Representative and Texas State Senate in the greater Austin Area to participate.

The following candidates are participating:

Texas State House of Representatives

Les Carnes, D – Texas State Representative, District 45

Sheryl Cole, D – Texas State Representative, District 46

Jose “Chito” Vela, D – Texas State Representative, District 46

Casey McKinney, D – Texas State Representative, District 46

Vikki Goodwin, D – Texas State Representative, District 47

Elaina Fowler. D – Texas State Representative, District 47

Candace Aylor, D – Texas State Representative, District 47

Donna Howard, D – Texas State Representative, District 48 (Incumbent)

Gina Hinojosa, D – Texas State Representative, District 49 (Incumbent)

Celia Israel, D – Texas State Representative, District 50 (Incumbent)

Texas State Senate

Jack Guerra, D – Texas State Senator, District 25

Shannon McLendon, R – Texas State Senator, District 25

US Congress

Matt Harris, D – Congressional District 10

Mike Siegel, D – Congressional District 10

Kevin Nelson, D – Congressional District 10

Tami Walker, D – Congressional District 10

Dale Mantey, D – Congressional District 17

Samuel Temple, R – Congressional District 21

Mary Wilson, D –  Congressional District 21

Julie Oliver, D – Congressional District 25

Chris Perri, D – Congressional District 25

Chetan Panda, D – Congressional District 25

Kathi Thomas, D – Congressional District 25

Mike Clark, D – Congressional District 31

David Smalling, R – Congressional District 35

We’ll have the release of the Texas Marijuana Policy Primary Voter Guide available as well as a list of upcoming events that Texas NORML will be involved in, updates on some of our events this past month as well as the latest news from around Texas and the US about cannabis law reform.

Ret Major David Bass will announce our veterans’ initiative to influence our legislators and Governor Abbott to support a medical marijuana program during the 2019 Texas legislative session. “Operation Still Trapped” will poignantly display how legal access to medical cannabis is a “life or death” situation for many of our veterans.

**Please note the earlier than usual start time!**

Live updates will be posted on our event page.

5 thoughts on “Candidate Forum: Marijuana Policy – Texas NORML


Yes I have chronic pain from mostly fibromyalgia. Marijuana combined with pain meds is a huge relieve. However with the lack of legally use does not allow me to do that..I can’t smoke or use edibles at all because I have a urine test every month, if I test positive for marijuana I can’t get the pills. My mother is sick as. Mwell but faces the same disintegration as I do. She is not will to move to a state that is legal for marijuana and I can’t leave her she needs my help with bills so we share our expenses this leaves me on able to move. I need these bills to pass so I can have a somewhay normal life. Thank you for giving me a place to to have my comments heard in a safe forum . I have no money at the time but will definitely donate when I can.
Ps I also have diabetes, COPD, Nd because of all the meds I take I am high risk for dementhcha because I have to slowly start to ween off of the meds that actually help me.

Linda Malaise


Hi NRMLTX my doctors have had me on pain pills since March 1994 I am so tired of taking pain pills I am now 50 I was only 25 when I got injured on the job and have RSD CRPS TYPE I in short it’s nueropathetic pain complex regional pain syndrome I don’t have full use of my left leg and walk with a can now i was a vibrant young female at one time and am now nothing. I need Medical pot I live in Texas Galveston area please help…


Darren. I’m a disabled veteran pot helps me a lot. I have PTSD.


I also am a PTSD Veteran and it does help. I don’t know why Gov Abbot can’t sit down and have an intelligent conversation about the subject. Let’s vote him and the others out of office.

Bella Dushner

Hi, I am one of the people who used the CBD as a medicine for my illness I’ve been suffering MS for about 5 months now and I know it’s not that kind of illness that everybody wants to have and unfortunately I’m one of those who has this. One of my friends told me to try this CBD and she also gives me some advice on how I will use this. Then I read this article that CBD can use as a medicine

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