Historic: HB 81 is Scheduled to Be Heard on the House Floor

Historic: HB 81 is Scheduled to Be Heard on the House Floor

Sensible marijuana policy reform is on its way to the House floor for a debate.

Ask your legislator to vote YES on HB 81!

Fabulous news! Chairman Joe Moody’s House Bill 81, which would replace criminal penalties for marijuana possession with a simple ticket, has been scheduled to be debated on the House Floor on Thursday, May 11th. This is unprecedented as sensible sentencing reform has not been debated from the house floor since 1973, when we changed our laws to their current state (previously, you could face life in jail for small amounts of possession).

We will update you with more information as it comes out.

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Join us to celebrate the history we are making at our 10th Annual Texas Marijuana March on Saturday, May 13th, 2017.


3 thoughts on “Historic: HB 81 is Scheduled to Be Heard on the House Floor

Tim Purcell

This is again a bill set to fail with a paper trail that says we tried. Rep Hunter last week pass on putting this on the house floor, then because he promised he would, put it back on at the very end where changes are very good tome will run out before it gets all the way through the house. It is time we call these folks out for this crap.

Teresa Boswell

It’s time Texas let people out of jail for possession of marijuana. They are jailed with violent criminals and those with street drugs. It’s just like being in possession of alcohol but less harmful.


As a veteran of 18 years, I have seen the horrible effects of alcohol on veterans. The true benefits of marijiana for veterans is documented and valuable to their recovery.

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