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The 86th Legislative Session – Wrap Up

The 86th Legislative Session saw a record number of marijuana related bills filed in both the House and the Senate. There were some important advancements, powerful hearings, and a few disappointments this year. Here is where they stand:

Create Industrial Hemp Program (HB 1325)HB 1325 passed with unanimous support in the House and Senate. The Governor signed this bill into statue on June 10th, 2019. The regulatory process will now begin. The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) will have 60 days to establish and send rules and regulations to the US government for approval. As stated by a TDA representative during the Senate hearing, it is expected that cultivation licenses will be granted by the end of 2019 and crops can be planted in early 2020. Stay tuned for updates on the progress. The legalization of industrial hemp is HUGE for Texas, especially for our farmers who were being cut out of the hemp industry. (HB 1325 Overview

Watch the hearings in the House Agriculture and Livestock Committee and the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Limited Expansion of the Compassionate Use Program (HB 3703) – While HB 3703 is a very limited expansion, it will allow Texans with seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, terminal cancer, incurable neurodegenerative disease, autism, ALS, and spasticity to qualify for the Texas Compassionate Use Program. There was some interesting discussion on the Senate floor about medical cannabis, with some Senators advocating for more inclusive legislation while others questioned the value of the program and the medicine. HB 3703 passed the House with a bipartisan super majority and unanimously out of the Senate. The Governor signed this bill into statue on June 10th, 2019 and these changes will go into effect immediately. (HB 3703 Overview)

Watch the Senate floor debate or read the conversation between Senators Campbell and Birdwell. You can also watch the Heath and Human Service Committee hearing.

Penalty Reduction for Possession (HB 63) – HB 63 passed with a bipartisan super majority in the House, but was single-handedly stalled by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick when he refused to refer it to the Criminal Justice Committee in the Senate for a hearing. Despite hearing from thousands of Texans who wanted this legislation to advance, the Lt Governor took this action which is out of step with the platform of the Lt Governor’s own party. This failure to act will mean another 120K+ Texans will be arrested for marijuana possession between now and the next legislative session in 2021.

Watch the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee hearing and the House Floor debate.

Expand and Fix the Compassionate Use Program, Establish Review Board (HB 1365) – HB 1365 passed with a bipartisan super majority in the House, but never received a hearing in the Senate. With the failure of this bill to advance through the Senate, many Texas patients will be forced to wait another 2 years to gain access to Texas Compassionate Use Program.

Watch the Medical Marijuana Subcommittee hearing and the debate on the House floor.

How did your legislator vote? Review their 86th Legislature Voting Record.

Review how all of the sixty plus bills fared this session:

Medical Bills

Decriminalization Bills

Hemp, Legalization and Concentrate Bills

Miscellaneous Bills and Joint Resolutions

There is clearly more work for us to do between now and the next session in 2021. It is very frustrating when the avenue for changing laws in Texas can feel so far removed from the people. But, there are many ways we can continue to gain momentum and change minds:


Texas NORML’s Board remains dedicated to dismantling prohibition in Texas.

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