Update Regarding House Bill 81

SUCCESS, friends! We are happy to let you know that since November 2016 almost 33,000 Texans have emailed their legislators in our action alerts as pertains to House Bill 81. This is huge! It also means that some offices are getting an engagement literally as often as one every second.

Texas Legislative Process

However, this means that we are reaching a saturation point. We have swayed many offices to our position. Our efforts have been a great success and is now on the verge of exhausting legislators and staff. Chairman Moody and many co-sponsors of HB 81 have requested the we slow our contacts so that we do not overshadow the issue and bill with advocacy. This also allows a period for advocates to rest so as to not tire out. This will be a long game to success. We will once again need these and similar efforts when HB 81 is sent to the full House for a vote.
So for now, let us pause on promoting calls and emails until it is time for a hearing on the House floor and we can engage them with our full energy.
Please let me know if you have any feedback or question about the Chairman’s request. Email to jax at
Well done, Texas!

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  1. Robert Lineberry March 10, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    Slow down, how many more people and our VETS must die because someone is tired or over worked……..PEACE

  2. Let’s make this happen. So many need medical help…arresting and jail time is not the answer. Where’s,the common sense?????

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