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Texas Marijuana Policy Conference – Early Bird Special

We are excited to be working with our coalition partners to put on the first ever Texas Marijuana Policy Conference! It will be held on August 10-12, 2018 in Austin Texas. With medical cannabis available to only a select few — and a patchwork of policies being implemented at the local level — it’s important to understand Texas’ current policies and how we can improve them.

Use the Texas NORML discount code to save 10%!

Enter the code upon arriving on the page where it says “Apply Discount Code” in order to see the discounted prices. Code – TxN10

The Friday night reception will kick off the event featuring live, local music. On Saturday and Sunday, you’ll hear from legislators, political operatives, attorneys, health-care professionals, celebrities, veterans, patients, and other advocates.

Attendees will also have the option of dining with our special guests for lunch on Saturday and Sunday, as well as an awards banquet on Saturday night.

You can learn more about the conference agenda, hotel information and get live updates from the event page.

PS the Early Bird Special will be going on until July 10th, 2017, so purchase now!

2 thoughts on “Texas Marijuana Policy Conference – Early Bird Special

Mary Spencer

Dear Legislators and Others:

I am a licensed medical professional. Throughout my entire lifetime I have been stuanchly and adamently against marijuana.
I now have a left knee menescus tear with no cartlidge left. Walking is excruiating with knife like pain at a level 9/10. I also have severe osteo arthritis in my lower back and hips. In 2010 I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke , yet complicating my life even more. A caregiver tore my left arm in 3 places trying to move me up the stairs of my home. These tears were ignored by my previous physicians and were considered left side weakness post stroke. No MRIs were performed even though I kept insisting I felt there was a “rotator cuff tear”. I recently got married and now have great medical insurance coverage. My new physicians after performing an MRI on my left shoulder/arm found the tears. They have treated them with steriod shots so far. My diabetes has deemed surgery as “too risky”. After discussing pain treatment options with both my orthopedic surgeon and my physical therapist I tried CBD oils as an alternative medication. WOW! I am totally astounded!
This treatment actually takes the edge off of chronic pain without any addictive properties. CBD Oils do not affect my cognitive reasoning abilities, nor my ability to perform my job (I work on medical informatics -computers)!
The only thing it does is numbs the severe pain of standing/walking for over 20 minutes and my left shoulder/arm pain they are allowing me to stay healthier and remain in the workforce. Before using CBD oils my orthopedic surgeon had placed me on extended leave of absence from my job.
Returning to the workforce has definitely helped my family as well. We can now resume a comfortable lifestyle as my income contribution truly affords all of us the ability to eat healthier foods, regular physician, dental, visits recreactional activities such as carpet golf, short trips to various Texas cities such as Houston, San Antonio, Austin among many other amenities which without my income were very limited.
I cannot describe joy with the incredible reduction in pain. However, I can state that this treatment is MUCH MUCH PREFERRABLE TO OPIODS AND SURGERIES!!!

Mary Spencer


    Thank you for sharing your story, Mary. I hope that you will review our Key to Activism and join us at the Capitol when the Legislature Convenes in 2019.

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