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Statewide Senior Conference Call – Texas NORML

Statewide Senior Conference Call

Thursday, November 30th from 7-8pm

Are you a senior living within the Travis county limits? How about a senior living outside of Travis county limits? If you’re a senior who lives with chronic pain, gastric distress, cancer treatment programs, insomnia or arthritis it doesn’t matter where you live in the State of Texas! If you’re suffering from any of these conditions, there’s a good chance that whole plant therapy may work for you! But how do you connect with other seniors if you live 500 miles from Austin? It’s hard for you to get to meetings, but you’re certainly interested in the status of senior issues when it comes to cannabis reform….what to do?
At TX NORML Senior Alliance, we know there are seniors who would love to attend a meeting but, due to distance or other issues, aren’t able to attend. There may or may not be a local chapter where you can participate in cannabis reform and, if there isn’t a chapter, that makes it even harder for you to stay on top of what’s going on in Austin (during the legislative session) or what direction we’re headed with regard to senior issues and cannabis reform. We want to change this.
On Thursday night, November 30, 2017 at 7pm TX NORML Senior Alliance will be holding its first state-wide senior conference call to include all seniors who want to either listen in or participate in this conference call. For our first meeting, we’ll be going over
* History of TX NORML Senior Alliance – why we’re here and what we’re doing
*Upcoming Elections
*TX NORML Voting Guide – know your candidates and to get out to vote!
*How to include more seniors in the process
We want to hear about what issues are important to you! In advance of the meeting, please submit your question via the this link. We will try to get to as many as we can during the call.
#: (641) 715-3580
access code: 844-552
Please note that this service can handle several hundred callers therefore we ask the following:
*Please do not announce yourself
*Mute your phone once connected
*If it is busy when you first try, call back as sometimes massive numbers of call ins at the same time can cause a lag.
Plan to call in for this hour long conference call. Mark your calendars and block off an hour of time on November 30th to hear what’s going on during the legislative “down” time, know the steps in getting to know your candidates and learn how you can become more involved. Sit back in your recliner, throw your feet up and catch up with what’s going on with seniors and how we can make a huge difference in this next legislative session. We are SO close!!! As a senior, you CAN make a huge impression on our legislative body. They know we vote — and they should be afraid….
Any questions? Please contact us at [email protected]

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