Act now: State-legal medical cannabis programs are in jeopardy!

Act now: State-legal medical cannabis programs are in jeopardy!

Protect cannabis patients from federal interference. Contact the decision-makers now!

Since 2014, Congress has prohibited the Department of Justice from interfering with state medical cannabis programs. With an Attorney General who thinks “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” the provision is more vital than ever. But unless Congress acts to renew the provision, it will expire in 30 days!
Please take action now! Click here to automatically contact your federal representative and Rep. John Culberson (R-Houston), who sits on the committee that will make the final determination of what goes in the budget. A message will also be sent to Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Dallas), who prevented these amendments from being included in the House version of the budget.
Let’s urge Congress to protect veterans, medical marijuana patients, and states’ rights. Click here to take action! Please forward this email to other Texans so that together we can ensure patients have safe and legal access to cannabis in states that allow it.

2 Responses to “Act now: State-legal medical cannabis programs are in jeopardy!”

  1. Texas please pass the compassionate use act for us terminally ill patients and for the young children with severe epilepsy and our troops returning with PTSD Texas please help us !

  2. PLEASE PASS COMPASSIONATE USE for us chronic pain, FMS, RA, OA, AS, etc. sufferers who currently have to rely on opioids for any relief at all. MM would make the use of opioids almost a thing of the past and allow us to regain our lives without excruciating pain.

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