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Hemp Unanimously Passes the Senate: Next stop – the Governor’s Desk!

Texas farmers have taken another step closer to growing hemp today after the state’s senate voted in favor of legislation which will legalize the cultivation of hemp. The bill now heads to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk for his signature. HB 1325, authored by Rep. Tracy King, has sailed through each vote it has faced with very little opposition. The bill passed unanimously in favor to clear the Texas House of Representatives last month and the Senate joined them today with a unanimous vote! It now heads to the Governor’s desk. Since there were some amendments between the chambers, there may be a conference committee called to work out the difference. We will let you know more.

This is wonderful news, but time is short for our other priority legislation! Please participate in the following actions:

Penalty Reduction: After passing overwhelmingly in the House with bipartisan support, HB 63 sits on Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s desk awaiting referral to a committee for further consideration and advancement. The bill would reduce penalties for low-level marijuana possession, preserving valuable public safety resources and keeping a marijuana charge from derailing a person’s life. Sadly, Lt. Gov. Patrick is impeding the legislative process based on his personal opinion, which is out of step with Texas and even his own political party. Email Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and ask him to reconsider his position!

Please take an additional moment to email your senator in support of HB 63.

Medical Cannabis: Last week the Texas House passed two limited medical cannabis bills (HB 1365 and HB 3703). Both bills have arrived in the Senate, but only HB 3703 has been referred to committee for a hearing on Friday May 17thHB 3703​​ is Rep. Stephanie Klick’s proposal to make low-THC cannabis available to those with all seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, and spasticity, but it leaves behind those who need THC or have an unlisted medical condition like cancer, PTSD, and severe pain.

We want a medical cannabis program that is more inclusive and doesn’t get in the way of a doctor’s ability to treat their patient. Contact your senator in support of medical cannabis!

Donate to support our work at the Capitol!​​ Now is a crucial time. We only have till May 27th to advance this important policy. You can also become a member​​, become a sustaining donor​​ or purchase our merchandise​​.

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