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DAY 2: Who Represents Me?

Welcome to Day 2 of your 5-day Activist Challenge!

Today, we’ll take the next step toward involvement in Texas government: learning about your representatives.

Watch our tutorial video to see a Texas NORML Board Member complete today’s action and give some colorful tips about the process!

Go to our Who Represents Me? page.

Enter your info, and click the button to see who represents you!


How does YOUR legislator stand on the issue? Now that you know their names, let’s find out where they stand on cannabis law reform. Review their 86th Legislature Voting Record. Go to the Texas NORML Voter Guide to see how they responded to our questions as well as their 2015 and 2017 Legislator Voting Record. (If you are interested in how Texas’ members of Congress voted on the Blumenauer Amendment, click here.)

From there, you can find out your official’s responses to our questions about cannabis law reform. Some officials declined to answer (more on that below).

Once you know who represents you, and where they stand on cannabis reform, let us know at our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #texasvotescannabis!

If your state representative already support reform, they could use a pat on the back for their work. If they’re against you on this issue or have not responded, it’s because legislators feel secure in their jobs, despite working against the will of Texans. Imagine if you banded together with thousands of other like-minded voters, and worked for policies in line with your beliefs?

Join Texas NORML today to do exactly that:

Your representative may have neglected to reply to our survey about cannabis positions. They do not believe this is an issue they need to take a position on (or worse, they know they’re against their constituents and are afraid to say it). You may have to go a step further and find out where they stand. Tomorrow, we’ll call the offices of our elected officials and learn about their positions. See you on Day 3!

Keep up with the previous day’s challenge emails here, on our blog:

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