Texas Action: Ask Gov. Abbott to add medical cannabis to the special session!

Ask Gov. Abbott to add medical cannabis to the special session!

Compassion should be inclusive. Contact the governor now!

During Texas’ regular legislative session this spring, more than half of the Texas House signed onto a bill that would make the Compassionate Use Program more inclusive. Unfortunately, that bill was beat by the clock and was not given a vote. There’s a special session underway now, giving us another chance to bring patients safe and legal access to medical cannabis!

Only Gov. Abbott can add an item to the list of issues legislators can consider during the special session.
Contact him now!

Texas’ existing law only applies to patients with intractable seizures. Let the governor know: Patients with other debilitating conditions deserve protection, too.

Many of the issues being debated by legislators are contentious and causing heated debate along partisan lines. Unlike those issues, the matter of medical cannabis has earned bi-partisan support.

Take action today by contacting Gov. Abbott and your legislators; ask them to add this important issue to the special session for consideration. It’ll be tough to convince the governor to add anything relating to cannabis to the special session, so we need to create a groundswell of support. After you take action, please spread the word. Texas patients are counting on us.

Email the governor and your legislators, then share this email with anyone you know who cares about bringing Texas patients safe and legal access to medical cannabis!

P.S. Like all proposed amendments to the Medical Board sunset bill, Rep. Lucio III’s amendment was not allowed to be considered on Monday. This makes adding medical cannabis to the special session even more important.


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11 Responses to “Texas Action: Ask Gov. Abbott to add medical cannabis to the special session!”

  1. Governor Abbott could you please pass the only cure for cancer and other illnesses. I’ve lost nearly every family members to cancer. We know this is the only known cure. Please let this get heard! I just can’t believe people suffer horribly and we have this cure. Please use it. The pharmaceutical companies are killing us and getting rich. Wait no longer CANCER Sucks show you have a heart. Thank you

  2. Marie Rathbone July 26, 2017 at 10:31 am

    Please bring the medical marijuana in to vote on please watching love one die because of seizures.

  3. As a disabled veteran, I can not stress enough how much medicinal marijuana would not only improve my quality of life but improve the lives of hundreds of thousands Texans. Medical marijuana could replace over 20 prescriptions that I am currently taking. Our veterans deserve more than being used as lab rats by the VA. I thought you of all people would show compassion when it came to the needs of those who of us who are disabled.

  4. Please bring medical cannabis into the special session. The hundreds of thousands of people using it daily are not criminals. Do your own research on the matter. The people need to have the freedom to choose if they want to treat themselves with something that grows naturally in the wild with no disruption from any human. It’s natural. Put here by the lord. If you want to consider something the Lord made “not perfect,” then that is your right. Myself and millions of others do. Legalize nature.

  5. Janelle Arrington July 26, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    PLEASE don’t force us to leave Texas, our home, jobs and family to heal our son! Please don’t be swayed by Big Pharm lobbyists…do the right thing for your constituents. We are depending on you.

  6. Please Please Please allow Texas residents to have access to cannabis! Some residents are in dire need of this lifesaving plant. I think you would get a LOT more votes if you were to pass this.

  7. Faith E. Bodle July 26, 2017 at 6:11 pm

    Mr. Abbot, PLEASE put the issue of MEDICAL CANNABIS back on the docket for Special Session? We NEED this GOD-GIVEN Medication that is 100% SAFE & EFFECTIVE! I have many disabling conditions that dictated 14 DIFFERENT prescription DRUGS! DRUGS that rendered me a semi-functioning ZOMBIE! Since getting Trigeminal Neuralgia in 2013 I have been using CANNABIS OIL to control the pain! It is the ONLY thing that helps! I CANNOT go back to using USELESS DRUGS that do nothing but kill your mind & body!
    As a CHRISTIAN & believer in GOD Who gave us KANEH BOSM, (CANNABIS), in the first place, I am following the instructions in the HOLY BIBLE to use the HERB bearing its own seed for meat or food as prescribed in Genesis 1:29.
    Please open this session up to the topic of Medical Cannabis? I am 64 years old & am facing surgery for Spinal Stenosis. I do NOT want to go back on MORPHINE & OXYCODONE! They are VERY ADDICTIVE & I was addicted to them for 26 years! I am NOW, no longer on ANY DRUGS WHATSOEVER as a DIRECT result of using CANNABIS for my pain relief.
    As I have been using Cannabis for some time now, it has also cured my Diabetes, Edema, Neuropathy & many other things that I had no idea that it would help with! GOD IS GOO! ALL THE TIME!
    Jesus has already given us the cure for ALL of our diseases! WHY DID WE PUT IT IN JAIL?
    Thank you & God Bless!

  8. Denise Compton July 26, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    Governor Abbott please put medical marijuana up for vote. I am a care giver for my husband a cancer patient, and we don’t want to leave our beloved state for him to live.

  9. Governor Abbott.. please for the sake of so many people who’s quality of a healthy life include medical cannabis in this session.

  10. Get real! You can call until your blue in the face but Texas is the state of private prisons and big pharma. Your kidding yourself if you think Abbot will make a call for a bill that does not support his and his contributors best interest. Until the drug companies have a descheduled pill form they can take to market I doubt you will see any movement especially before the joke they are passing off as a medical program falls on its face in Sept. Civil disobedience is the way. Do what you need to do for yourself and your family. Show up for jury duty and refuse to convict peaceful people who have a right to their own body and what goes in it. Take control, don’t ask permission from representatives who are bought and paid for. No victory ever came without a risk. Take a stand for what you know is right. Together the ants can take down the elephant.

  11. Why do people feel like they have to beg and plead for their rights? I understand that everyone is in a different position and not everyone is willing to put themself at risk but I can’t think of many movements that were successful because the people asked nicely. The state of Texas has heard the stories of our needs. They know that the majority of Texans approve of legal access to cannabis. I say it’s time for Texans to take their rights, not ask daddy government to pretty please give us what was never their right to take in the first place

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