Action Alert: Proposed rules would kill Texas’ medical marijuana program before it begins!

Action Alert:
Proposed rules would kill Texas’ medical marijuana program before it begins!

Changes would include millions of dollars in fees and impossible-to-comply-with requirements.
Protest this government overreach.

Regulators at the Texas Department of Public Safety have proposed outrageous amendments to their medical marijuana rules. Newly proposed fees and reporting requirements would all but ensure the program could not operate. 

Please take a moment right now to send letters to agency officials, your lawmakers, and the governor’s office in protest!

Incredibly, under the proposed rules, application and licensing fees for the first 24 months would go from $12,000 to over $2.25 million! While the Texas Department of Safety has presented a sensible approach to regulations until now, this shocking increase is simply unknown in any other medical marijuana state. The program, already limited to low-THC cannabis for seizure patients, simply couldn’t sustain its own burdensome costs. Critically, even if it could operate, patients could not afford the medical marijuana such an over-burdened system would produce.

In addition, cultivators would also be required to comply with federal laws related to interstate transport, despite the fact that all medical marijuana is federally illegal!

State bureaucrats should not be allowed to deny access to medical marijuana to patients they are supposed to help. Please make your voice heard right now. Then, forward this message to friends, family, and supporters in Texas. By clicking the link, you will email the DPS (Department of Public Safety), Governor Abbott and you current Texas State Senator and Texas State Representative.

These rules are not final and we have the ability to influence change in them before they are officially adopted. Please take action now! Please also support our work in reforming laws and tracking the Texas Compassionate Use program by becoming a member, donating or becoming a sustaining lobby donor.

Jax Finkel
Executive Director

Your Texas NORML Team

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10 Responses to “Action Alert: Proposed rules would kill Texas’ medical marijuana program before it begins!”

  1. I believe that NO regulation is needed, it is a natural plant, any laws governing marihuana are a complete waste of taxpayer money, it is also morally wrong to incarcerate people that use marihuana

  2. we must continue to fight the idiots blocking MMJ in Texas or we must move to another state

  3. I’m a chronic pain patient and it’s time for an alternative to heavy addictive narcotics.

  4. “Doesn’t making nature against the law seem..well unnatural?”- Bill Hicks

  5. There is no place in public office for anyone who is against making cannabis legal. As it stands drug lords control everything and get all the money and will continual to do so under this foolish policy which was designed to fail in the first place. Vote these people out of office.

  6. Another TEXAN born and raised here forced out of my state. I want everyone reading this to read up on jury nullification and no men’s rea.

  7. Elizabeth Davis November 5, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    I agree with both of you. I don’t smoke anything myself, but if the feds control it, small Mom and Pop shops will go out of business (ie. CA, et al states to legalize recreational smoking) reference from ” High Times and others ” I also believe that it has been genetically modified so much that it isn’t a true naturally growing plant any longer, but I am not 100 % sure of this. Just knew a few that worked the camps in CA a few years back.

  8. Dennis McLaughlin November 8, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    We’ll only see high quality herb, and oils in this state by voting out Republicans!

  9. I have never used marijuana in any form. I urge Texas legislators to decimalize marijuana in every respect and legalize the use of medical and recreational marijuana with no hooks.

  10. Governor about should withdrawal his line in the sand or he may face the same fate as our existing president nobama!

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