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Alternet:15 Million Americans Have Been Arrested Because Pot Is Illegal – When Will Our Dumb Marijuana Prohibition Be Overturned?

Story over at Alternet by Kevin Zeese about how many American’s have been arrested due to the idiocy that is the War on Drugs. here’s some disturbing numbers for you that shows how misguided our drug policy is. Yearly deaths attributed to Tobacco:435,000 Yearly deaths attributed to Alcohol Consumption: 85,000 Yearly deaths attributed to Adverse […]

Breaking News Links:Story and Reactions To Feds Planning To Ignore Possible State Voted In Initiative

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says that the Federal Government will continue the failed War on Drugs against citizens “even if such activities are permitted under state law” which is a huge possibility with Prop 19 coming up for vote. The Federal Government seems to forget that the 10th Amendment leaves certain things not prohibited […]

Texas NORML Annual Members Mixer 2010

With an approaching legislative year in Texas (2011) it is crucial that Texas NORML maintain a sustaining, active membership to help fund the fight to free cannabis, cannabis patients, and pot prisoners. Our biannual member mixers are private events where members can meet and network with fellow activist and supporters. We are pleased to announce […]