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CNN Story: Sooner Or Later, Marijuana Will Be Legal

Article by Bill Piper, the director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance, on CNN about the absolute failure of the War on Drugs. Numerous deaths, billions of tax dollars wasted and millions of citizens who are treated as second class after conviction is the only by product I’ve seen. Just say Now, not…

Why Parents Should Support Legalizing Marijuana

AlterNet / By Hanna Liebman Dershowitz “As parents, we know that education is often more effective than punishment, and in some cases punishment is not effective at all.” September 23, 2010: My son just started kindergarten. So naturally, I have been thinking a lot about the type of world and community in which I want…

Prop 19 Would Help — Not Hurt — Medical Marijuana Patients

Excellent story by David Borden, the Executive Director of, about the lies and misinformation being spread about Prop. 19. The passage of this could be a watershed moment in the tearing down of the failed war on drugs and we need everyone on the same side. Medicinal users need to know that Recreational and…

Women’s Marijuana Movement

“Welcome to the Women’s Marijuana Movement! My name is Jessica Corry and I am a mother, a lawyer, a conservative political activist and a co-founder of the Women’s Marijuana Movement (WMM). I am not a marijuana user, but — as you can see in this recent interview of me on Fox News Channel — I…

New course to train marijuana professionals

Informational video and article about MedCan University, who “want to show what the industry and other states are doing so that, god-willing, when we have it in the state of Texas people know how to responsibility utilize the product.” Let’s hope we’re able to use the tools they’re teaching here soon legally and freely, click…

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